Consider the Provocateur Spy


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The Inevitable War

Inevitably, also, due to America’s 20 Trillion debt that could never be repaid. War is always the final common denominator.

Chateau Heartiste

A reader submitted his encounter with Diversitopia in America, lived to tell the tale, and wants Chateau guests to know that they don’t need to fear they’ll be alone when the storm comes.


The coming war that needs to happen

Seigneur de la Chateau Heartiste,

I have been considering this correspondence for some time now, my delay being in part to the rigors and schedule of my work as a welder and construction superintendent, and also in part due to my recovery which has been longer than anticipated.

In March of this year, I was attacked by a shining example of Diversity! (Inc.) in Baltimore, Maryland.  I had returned to my car after having a few drinks with friends in a recently gentrified artsy fartsy part of town– don’t ever let that fool you in Baltimore or any other major city with a significant black population where recently converted…

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Swamp Creature

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Jean Raspail’s 1973 novel, “Camp of the Saints.” Shot 2017-03-12 at 4.22.28 PM.png



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SA set to Fall same same Rhodesia.

via The Fall of South Africa: Zimbabwe 2.0 — CrusaderRabbit


Simple wiki of brief historical outline and a view of some atrocious behavior.

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#8 Pics Illustrating America’s general decline since the 50’s.


38 Pictures That Show The Decline Of America Since The 1950s


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Real-Life Resistance

Western Rifle Shooters Association


A reader sends:

Polish Resistance, Political Situation/Predicament, NSZ/Holy Cross Brigade


Some thoughts while proof-reading a manuscript translation that has been a collaboration of a few years with another retired brother-in-arms who is doing the translation, and whose father served in the Holy Cross Brigade. These notes are from 2 different accounts; neither is derived from historians but from those who were there, memoirs. One was partially published (in Polish only, in Chicago) in the ’60’s. Otherwise, the translation & effort to get these on record has been ongoing for awhile, especially because most of the principals have passed on.

Because of reviewing some other things on the UW bookshelf and doing a simultaneous re-read of “Learning to Eat Soup With a Knife” I kinda just had to dump this because there are similarities to the current situation. A brain-cleaning, so to speak; by no means complete as…

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