Green Beret Standards for Selection Lowered?

It seems that those credible soldiers who are closest to the flagpole at Ft Bragg on Smoke Bomb Hill, and who are actually involved with the selection and training process, GB Cadre, are saying that careerist officers are pushing down the bar to allow more but less fit and less able candidates (esp utarines.) This is most highly selective, highly trained military unit that the US Army has ever fielded. The immense strain on this regiment is from deaths, fatigue, and burnout from years and years of constant deployments in countries across the globe, in an ever-expanding effort to spread America’s political and economic interests in globalism and the NWO.

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Merry Christmas

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Think Like a Corleone, by Robert Gore



Leave fools’ paradise to the fools.

If you are offered a choice between having your tuition and expenses paid at a top of the line business school, or buying with your own money Mario Puzo’s The Godfather (the book and the movies, Parts One and Two) choose the latter. You’ll find them far more useful than the MBA.

Americans are frequently condemned for obliviousness to the lies and depredations of the people who rule them. Much of the condemnation is merited, but the obliviousness is also a vestige of a better time. The best gauge of a society is truth: its prevalence and how it’s treated.

You go to a store and buy a product. Your transaction rests on implicit assumptions that everyone in the supply chain is telling the truth and acting honorably. The product was manufactured to the manufacturer’s advertised standard. It was delivered by a transportation…

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Consider the Provocateur Spy


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The Inevitable War

Inevitably, also, due to America’s 20 Trillion debt that could never be repaid. War is always the final common denominator.

Chateau Heartiste

A reader submitted his encounter with Diversitopia in America, lived to tell the tale, and wants Chateau guests to know that they don’t need to fear they’ll be alone when the storm comes.


The coming war that needs to happen

Seigneur de la Chateau Heartiste,

I have been considering this correspondence for some time now, my delay being in part to the rigors and schedule of my work as a welder and construction superintendent, and also in part due to my recovery which has been longer than anticipated.

In March of this year, I was attacked by a shining example of Diversity! (Inc.) in Baltimore, Maryland.  I had returned to my car after having a few drinks with friends in a recently gentrified artsy fartsy part of town– don’t ever let that fool you in Baltimore or any other major city with a significant black population where recently converted…

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Swamp Creature

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