Jean Raspail’s 1973 novel, “Camp of the Saints.” Shot 2017-03-12 at 4.22.28 PM.png



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SA set to Fall same same Rhodesia.

via The Fall of South Africa: Zimbabwe 2.0 — CrusaderRabbit


Simple wiki of brief historical outline and a view of some atrocious behavior.

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#8 Pics Illustrating America’s general decline since the 50’s.


38 Pictures That Show The Decline Of America Since The 1950s


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Real-Life Resistance

Western Rifle Shooters Association


A reader sends:

Polish Resistance, Political Situation/Predicament, NSZ/Holy Cross Brigade


Some thoughts while proof-reading a manuscript translation that has been a collaboration of a few years with another retired brother-in-arms who is doing the translation, and whose father served in the Holy Cross Brigade. These notes are from 2 different accounts; neither is derived from historians but from those who were there, memoirs. One was partially published (in Polish only, in Chicago) in the ’60’s. Otherwise, the translation & effort to get these on record has been ongoing for awhile, especially because most of the principals have passed on.

Because of reviewing some other things on the UW bookshelf and doing a simultaneous re-read of “Learning to Eat Soup With a Knife” I kinda just had to dump this because there are similarities to the current situation. A brain-cleaning, so to speak; by no means complete as…

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The Apocalypse of Modernity: Evolution and Conversion and Battling to the End by René Girard

The Orthosphere

Girard 03 G in Interview Rene Girard in an Interview

History, and increasingly the mere daily record of events, are together apocalyptic, laying bare human nature for what it is primordially before the agonizing laboratory of the millennia creates the Christian society that its beneficiaries, swiftly taking it for granted, petulantly reject that they might go “forward” into a liberated horizon beyond the one defined by the Gospel. “Progress” names that particular folly. A blood-drenched folly it is, beginning with the religious wars of the Seventeenth Century and reaching fullness with the mobilization of the whole society fomented by the Jacobins and institutionalized by their superman-successor, Napoleon Bonaparte. From the guillotine henceforth, modernity blurts itself sanguinely in the Commune, Leninism, Stalinism, Hitlerism, and resurgent Islam (Jihad), which continues belatedly the sparagmatic trend of the late and unlamented Twentieth Century. Yet despite the academy’s authoritative three-decades-long declaration of Dionysiac “Postmodernism,” despite the polysyllables of…

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From Gabe Suarez:
Consider that you are a fighter. You are physically trained, and skilled. You are physically fit. While your coworkers swill beer watching men greater than they play sports, you are in the weight room, on the track, or at the range. You self-select as a fighter whether you wear a uniform or not and whether you are a soldier, a police officer, or a math teacher.
Consider as well – if you can, be armed always. Yes…I know. But consider the implications. Of the ten dead civilians (140 this time around) in France, how many would have willingly disobeyed unconscionable laws in order to stay alive? If it is difficult, learn to conceal the weapon better. At the very least have a knife with which to stab a terrorist to death.
And stabbing a man to death is an exercise in extreme violence. It is not some strip mall karate school exercise done with high school kids to get in shape. It is violent and sudden and what the body does in its final moments will shock you…maybe, if you haven’t gotten your mind right about such matters.
If you look like the King Of Comedy rather than the King Of the Cage, put down the f*cking remote and get your ass in fighting shape. The terrorist coming to kill you has taken his fitness seriously…do you think he is kidding?
If you are armed your life is easier. Resist the temptation to leave the real sized fighting gun at home and go forth with some “civilian friendly metro sexual” pistol. Anyone can carry a full sized fighting pistol with a little fore thought and care in dressing for the weapon.
Consider that a terrorist event like what we saw in France is not the same as a CCW self defense encounter with concerns over legality, disparity of force, or liability. The moment that it is a terrorist event, all other concerns are non-issues. And a man or men with masks and rifles classifies as that.
Learn to shoot accurately at distance. There were guys photographing and videotaping the assassination of the French police officer. A good practiced hand with a proper pistol might have killed one or both of those terrorists at the distance.
There will be no warnings, no posting and challenging, only recognition of threat and escalation of violence…or as I term it, “getting ahead” of the fight by shooting. Learn to shoot faces and necks at room distances. Yes, there is a chance you will be killed by the terrorist…but you will be killed anyway. And how do you want to look for the Crime Scene photos? Under a desk hiding with a terrified look on your face and a back full of 7.62×39 rounds, or a smiling corpse on a mountain of brass and dead terrorists? I pray if I am given that choice I will be the guy in the second image.
But….but, you might not be either one. You might survive and win if you are decisive enough, accurate enough, and violent enough.
Let us all be those things.

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If it can happen in Oregon, it can happen in your back yard.


This is a fascinating study, sent by Carol Bundy (of Bundy Ranch Nevada vs BLM), regarding the seizure of the Hammond family’s ranch property, and the father and son being sentenced under the Federal terrorism statutes for starting a backfire on their own pastureland property which accidentally spend to 127 acres of fed land. This seems like a case of extreme abuse of simple country folks by BLM and a Federal Judge hearing their case. Check out the links.


Last week I sent you an email concerning the Hammonds, a ranching family in Oregon that have been declared terrorists and sentenced to 5 years in prison.

In an effort to make sure we had the facts correct, I drove to visit the Hammonds in Burns Oregon.

It did not take me long to see and feel that the Hammonds are truly the salt of the earth type of people. I spent two full days in Burns, most of it with the Hammonds. I visited different areas on the ranch and was given explanation to the events and facts.

The abuses to this family are much greater than I originally explained to you. They have quietly suffered much more than even the Bundys can fully understand. They are near broken people. When I first came to them they had no hope. They have tried to do what is right for several years and it has cost them their liberties.

In an effort to give them hope I explained to them how YOU the American people came to our defense when we were in a similar situation. I assured them that we would do all we could to get the local governments to preform their duty and protect them. I further assured them that if the local governments fail (as it did with the Bundys) I am sure the people will stand in their defense.

I then went to the County Sheriff -Dave Ward to see if he was a man that understood that his duty was to protect the Hammonds from further abuse and punishment. He assured me that he loves this county and the people in it. As the new Sheriff he confirmed several times that he needed to meet the Hammonds and determine the truth. I promised him that I would do my best to assist in gathering the facts.

Over the past week myself and others have exhaustively gathered all the facts we could and have verified them with two or more witnesses.

I now share them with you and ask that you honestly review them and determine for yourself if the Hammonds are “Terrorists” and if they deserve the cruel and unusual punishment that has been forced upon them by Federal Employees.

Please read all the documents in full including the Facts & Events, Letter to Sheriff Ward and the Conclusion. (See Links)

I will keep you updated and let you know what you can do to help the Hammonds soon.

Thank you,
Ammon Bundy

Letter to Harney County Sheriff – David Ward:

Facts & Events :

Violations, Corruptions and Abuses:


Letter to Government Official and Aware Citizens:

The Hammond Family


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