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Polish Resistance, Political Situation/Predicament, NSZ/Holy Cross Brigade


Some thoughts while proof-reading a manuscript translation that has been a collaboration of a few years with another retired brother-in-arms who is doing the translation, and whose father served in the Holy Cross Brigade. These notes are from 2 different accounts; neither is derived from historians but from those who were there, memoirs. One was partially published (in Polish only, in Chicago) in the ’60’s. Otherwise, the translation & effort to get these on record has been ongoing for awhile, especially because most of the principals have passed on.

Because of reviewing some other things on the UW bookshelf and doing a simultaneous re-read of “Learning to Eat Soup With a Knife” I kinda just had to dump this because there are similarities to the current situation. A brain-cleaning, so to speak; by no means complete as…

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