5 Principles of the Right

Integral Axis

‘Right’ and ‘Left’ are arbitrary designations, yada yada… We know that. But these terms DO refer to two real opposing forces – that’s what we’re interested in. Of course, they should more properly be called something like ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ (or ‘Vertical’ and ‘Horizontal’ if we want to affect an air of neutrality… We don’t.) But that would be utterly meaningless to the vast majority of people. So Right and Left will do for now…

First things first: the main dividing line between Right and Left is hierarchy versus equality. (NOBODY desires equality as an end in and of itself, by the way – just think about that for a second if you haven’t already – so it would be more accurate to say it’s a matter of hierarchy vs. an aversion to hierarchy.) Also note: the Right’s preference is for hierarchy – not mere inequality. They’re not the…

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