A Prayer For Our Times- A Prayer For Battle


(Reposted. Author Unknown.)

A Prayer For Our Times – A Prayer For Battle

Blessed be the Lord God of Hosts
The One and ONLY God – The Living God
Who is Father, and Son and Holy Spirit
The God of Abraham, and Samson, and Joshua, and David
Who trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle.

Lord, you are a warrior – Your voice is like thunder, your eyes are like fire.
Grant me strength that I may give my account in battle.
Give me speed that I may hasten to meet my enemies.
Give me endurance Lord, that none may escape me.
Empower me Lord, to utterly destroy this dark and evil foe.

You know the number of my days Lord, and if I am to fall in this battle –
Grant that it be in a way to bring honor to you.
Grant that it be in a way to be an example for my brothers.
And grant that it be in a way, to bring the most harm and destruction possible upon the enemy.

And Lord, I ask one final thing – that you provide for and protect those that I leave behind.

For your Son and my Savior, The Warrior King.

In Jesus’ name.


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Christian, Military Veteran, Patriot
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